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    Xue Jianqiang's mind immediately regained balance... He was sad when the US military relaxed the suppression of the Japanese army, but he was secretly happy when the Soviet Union was forced to transfer more than ten division from the Far East to the Western Front. Doing business with Germany was initially intended to cause trouble for the US and UK, forcing the Soviet Union to withdraw its troops from the Far East, but now this goal has been achieved. When the massive stream of Soviet armor arrived in Berlin, the Eighth Army's Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery should also rush into Ulan Bator, right? I want to see how the Soviet Union plays tricks on me!

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    The head of state said: "I know this, but you are the only strategic reserve in my hands now! If Army Group C is transferred to the Ruhr, I will have no combat reserves comb in hand!" kept cursing: "Damn Yankee, son of a bitch, thief who only stole the fruits of victory!"

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    Two search parties searched ten miles around the water source, but they didn't even find a ghost.

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    After the Yalta Conference ended, the Soviet Army went through another week of preparations, finally taking action under constant urging from the US and Britain. directions at the same time, and the Battle of the Oder broke out. . The Soviet army was fully equipped for this campaign, and the three front armies invested were all experienced Soviet troops, the main force of the German army having had two months of bloody fighting with the Bronze army. coalition in Belgium, was quite serious so the Soviet marshals expressed optimism about the attack and believed that it would go quite smoothly. However, only when they fought did they discover that the German army's fighting strength was beyond their expectations, more than 20,000 people participated in just one expected attack! This lesson let the Soviet army know that although the German army was very tired, it was still a force that could not be underestimated, defeating this old opponent with one punch was unrealistic! Therefore, Marshal Zhukov urgently stopped the Oder attack, fully mobilized troops and technical equipment, and increased reconnaissance, trying to find the weak points of the Allied forces, and then used hammers to shoot at them. head.

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    The attack failed, so the Japanese army was naturally unwilling, they just retreated two hundred meters, took a breath, and charged forward again. This time Xue Min learned his lesson, asked everyone to take the captured Japanese socks and put two grenades in each group, the Japanese also responded with grenades. The worst thing is that most of these grenades were confiscated from the 7th Regiment. Their power is a bit more powerful than the Chinese-made grenades. Both exploded at the same time, which was so sad. Soon after, dozens of soldiers were killed and wounded. To date, the Matsuda Regiment has killed or wounded up to 600 people, nearly half of them, although Chinese soldiers were also injured. The casualties were heavy but their morale was high. is unbreakable.

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